GreenTek Energy Movement Airdrop Get 200 GTE ~ 20$ + REF

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2 min readMay 8, 2021

GreenTek Energy Movement Airdrop Get 200 GTE ~ 20$ + REF

GreenTek Energy

About GreenTek Energy Movement :

Making an impact…one technology at a time

GreenTek is a renewable energy development company, deploying the world’s leading green energy technologies that provide individual solutions to a world with an ever-increasing need for clean energy. GreenTek is a uniquely formed company specifically designed to develop green energy projects by utilizing the world’s most efficient technologies, financial platforms that allow GreenTek to offer energy solutions to every country in the world. The mission of GreenTek is simple, to deliver a full-scale platform that covers the full range of development for a complete project from its inception to production for the purpose of power generation and distribution. GreenTek will utilize modern blockchain technology to form financial platforms for development of these green energy projects.

Step by step guide :

Start Telegram Bot.

Join our Telegram Group.
Follow on Twitter Like and Retweet & Tag 3 Friends
Follow & Like on Facebook Page.
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Subscribe for the newsletter of GreenTek (Scroll all the way down on the website).
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Enter MEW(ERC20) address.

Refer friend for more reward.

Note : Please do your own research (DYOR) before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Also we don’t recommend you to invest in any new projects, just join airdrop for free.