Zapaygo airdrop 5$+/ref — IEO on WenX

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1 min readMay 17, 2020
Zapaygo airdropmmo

Step buy step guide:

Please do the tasks below to get up to $5 worth of ZHT

Start Zapaygo Telegram BOT

1.Sign up on the WenX website (Mandatory; $1.3 worth of ZHT)

2.Follow the Zapaygo Twitter, like and retweet the IEO Announcement post of WenX. (Mandatory; $1.3 worth of ZHT)

3.Join Zapaygo Telegram group (Mandatory; $1.3 worth of ZHT)

4.Join WenX Telegram group (Optional; $0.75 worth of ZHT)

5.Join and read Zapaygo review on the ICO Announcement channel (Optional; $0.1 worth of ZHT)

6.Follow ICO Announcement Twitter and retweet their review about Zapaygo. (Optional; $0.25 worth of ZHT)

7.You can get an additional amount of $0.1 worth of ZHT for every valid referral.

Would you like to own more ZHT?

Zapaygo is running out an IEO on WenX between the 17th of May, 2020–23th of May, 2020. Users, who would like to participate in the Zapaygo IEO sale, need to register an account on WenX website